Now is the time to celebrate the outstanding work our Princess family across the globe have carried out.

We are privileged and honoured to acknowledge the achievements you have all made by truly thinking outside of the box during unprecedented circumstances over the past 18 months. Enthusiasm, professionalism, the urge to excel and engaging with our customers by always putting them first, are just some of the qualities being recognised today in this year’s eHOB Awards 21.

Distributor of the Year

This highest accolade is awarded to the Distributor who demonstrated exemplary levels of commitment, outstanding performance and pursuit of the highest standards in Service.


  • Premium Yachts Scandinavia

  • PY Greater China

  • PY America

  • Ganador

Sales Excellence

To recognise a Distributor who excelled in their new boat Sales performance, growing market share for the brand and winning new clients to the Princess family.

Customer Service

To recognise the Distributor who worked most effectively with the shipyard to consistently deliver exceptional customer service to Princess clients.

Marketing Engagement

To recognise the Distributor who has engaged most effectively with the team at Princess to design and deliver effective Marketing activities.

Marketing Innovation

A new award for 2021 to recognise the Distributor who has pushed the boundaries with creative and innovative approaches to Marketing.

Business Development

To recognise the Distributor who has been most successful in strengthening their business across all aspects of Sales and Service.

Lifetime Achievement

A very special award to recognise an outstanding contribution made to the success of the Princess Yachts brand over a career of dedicated service to our clients.