The meetings will last for 15 minutes each and they can be held on 17 of June. When you log onto the platform for the first time, you will see a screen in which you must select the time slots during which you are available for taking part in the workshop.

You can change your availability at any time at One to One.

You can access the profile settings from the web platform at the following link:

You can also access them from the home page, using the settings button at the top of the side navigation bar.

Fill in your profile information and don’t forget to save the changes.

The meetings between the swiss agencies and the tourism companies at our destination will be held by videoconference on 17 of June, from 10 am to 1 pm.

Remember to select your time availability for holding meetings.

Scheduling and managing your meetings

Go to “One to One“ and select “New meeting” to see all the agencies and/or companies that have the same time availability as you for holding meetings.

Select the attendee you want to meet to obtain more information and ask for a meeting at “Request meeting”. The meeting will be assigned automatically.

You can also schedule meetings by viewing the participants in the “Visitors” or “Exhibitors” sections and scheduling a meeting by clicking on the “Request meeting” button.

You can view the meetings that have been assigned and cancel requests received from other participants at the same section, One to One.

IMPORTANT: the meeting scheduling process will end on monday, 14th June.

RECOMMENDATION: to have more options for meeting with the companies you are interested in, we recommend that you schedule your meetings as soon as you have access to the platform. The later you leave it, the less likely it will be that participants will have free time slots for meetings.


The One to One videoconference meetings take place on the web platform. You will need a computer with camera and microphone.
We recommend you use Google Chrome to access the web platform and hold the videoconference meetings, particularly if you want to share screens with other users. With other browsers, depending on the version, this may not be possible.


On the day of the event, the “Join meeting” button will appear on the confirmed meetings. This button will be active, although each video call can only be started within 2 minutes before the start time/date. If you arrive late for the meeting, you can still start it during the time slot allocated for the meeting.
WE RECOMMEND you select the “Floating window” option. That way, the meeting will start on a larger screen, which is better for sharing or viewing presentations.

If you start with a floating screen, you will see a screen similar to that described below. You will have to give permission to access the camera and the microphone and then you can start the meeting by clicking on the “JOIN” button.

If you do not select the floating window option, the video call will start immediately underneath the appointment. The meeting’s remaining time is displayed at all times.

Once the video call has started, you will see a share screen button on the side menu.

If you click on this button, you can choose between sharing the entire screen or just a specific document.

We recommend you share the whole screen, although you can also choose a particular window.

Once the time allocated for the video call has expired, it will close automatically so that you can go to the next meeting.

Once the event has started, you can access the live streaming from a number of different links:

• From the banner on the home page:

• From the agenda to join the different event sessions: